Remodeling and Renovation

Initial Project Review

Complete remodeling services for projects ranging from kitchen renovations to whole home remodels.

Project Design Development

We generally begin our process by briefly discussing the project scope and schedule in a phone call.  If the project is a match with our services and schedule, we then like to meet with the client at the project site to inspect the home while discussing design with our clients.

Project Estimates and Budget

After meeting with the clients and developing some definition of the desired scope of the work and as many general design details as possible, we then develop a rough estimate of the time required. Since some design and structural details cannot yet be determined at this stage, the estimate is truly only an "estimate" but it does give the client a good idea of the cost as well as how long the project will take.  If both parties agree, we then proceed to develop a much more detailed description of work and a proposed schedule in a contract. We sometimes include more detailed numbers by asking some of our subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) to give their estimates for the project (each project is different so this happens on only appropriate projects). If the more detailed project costs are then agreed by all parties, we add these numbers to a contract.

Project Scheduling and Contracts

We plan the schedule and budget to the maximum degree possible given that we have incomplete information until project "discovery" completes during demolition, e.g., what is the condition of the framing and electrical behind the drywall or plaster and lathe? We then continually communicate the schedule with the clients and subcontractors and work to stay on schedule.

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