Initial Project Review

We work directly with clients to develop their remodel design ideas and also work with partner architects.

Project Design Development

After meeting with the clients to inspect the home and discuss design options, we then agree to either work directly with the clients on all design decisions (this is the way we typically work) or we agree to hire an architect from our network - or the client's preferred architect. We have worked directly with our clients to develop their design ideas on over one hundred projects, but also enjoy working with architects.  Ultimately it is the client's decision on how they want to proceed on design development but the complexity and scope of the project also determine what is required for permitting.

Project Estimates and Budget

Project costs are determined by the scope and complexity of the project and also by the costs of the selected materials, appliances, fixtures, finishes, subcontractors, etc. Each project is unique but we always endeavor to develop as many budget details as possible.

Project Scheduling and Contracts

We document the budget and schedule in the contract.  If additions or changes are made in the project, this impacts both the schedule and budget and any such changes are documented in the contract.

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